2023 Silent Noise Uva di Troia

2023 was Australia’s coolest year since 2012.  It was a difficult and challenging year in the vineyard for most people, with wet, windy and cool weather.  Most regions in South Australia had to deal with avoiding significant problems with diseases such as Downy Mildew and experienced below-average yields.

The grapes for this wine have been sourced from the only commercial vineyard in Australia growing Uva di Troia.

A swirling kaleidoscope of fruit flavours.  Think white cherries, yellow peaches and strawberries.  Floral notes enchant and cheeky red frogs poke their heads up. A gently structural framework gives support for freeze dried raspberries, fresh raspberries, white nectarines all tempered by complexing orange zest.  These delicious flavours linger on and on.