2023 Silent Noise HO Riesling

Record breaking Spring (2022) rainfall was more than 200% above average in Clare and was the wettest spring on record for the region.  Summer rainfall was low, but thanks to the wet spring there was plenty of soil moisture to keep the vines fresh and to support ripening.  The 2023 vintage has produced Rieslings with an abundance of intense aromatics, matched with a rich spectrum of flavours and exceptional natural acidity.


The Watervale vineyard the grapes came from are just across the road from the winery used to process the grapes.  This resulted in a time of under two hours from when the grapes were picked in the cool of the night to the juice coming out of the press not the tank, so there was minimal skin contact.  After fermentation the free run was blended with light pressings.  The HO Riesling was bottled on 18th July 2023.


This is citrus on another level.  Lemon and lime curd on the nose acknowledges this citrus and introduces a certain hint of richness too.  Kaffir lime leaves and sherbet dance with elderflower and pretty white blossom. The beautiful aromas on the nose are replicated on the palate.  So very Riesling and so very delicious.